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Mia Bella, a 14 year-old Yorkshire Terrier, with SherylElleRo, a 5 month-old American Bulldog, with HaileyRags, a 2 year-old Yorkshire Terrier, & Cody, a 5 year-old Toy Poodle, with TomSnuggles, an 8 year-old Australian Shepherd mix, with AlishaPaloma, a 6 year-old Border Collie mix, with IsraelZoe, a 13 year-old Cairn Terrier, with CatSilver, an 8-week old Samoyed, with ChloeSasha, a 1 year-old Chihuahua, with MichelleFreya and Luna, 6 and 7 year-old Newfoundland-Great Dane-Mastiff mixes, with DustinMonk, a 12 year-old Tibetan Terrier, with Nancy